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EDMdesigner is the most flexible responsive email editor in the market, which is designed to be integrated into your ESP, CRM, CMS, ERP or any other SaaS system.

Integrate EDMdesigner into your system through our simple API

If you work at an ESP or other Software Service Provider, you know that you have to keep pace with the changing environment. No doubt: responsive and mobile are the words nowadays!

But why should you bother with coding your own email editor for months? It takes a half of the company (or even more, we know).

You can easily integrate EDMdesigner into your system instead. This way you can save serious amounts of money and time on development, and can still have a professional email editor inhouse!


  • Easy to integrate 3rd party solution
  • Upsell to your clients
  • Saves time and money
  • Customizable features
  • Multiple language support
  • Basic skinning
  • Custom UI and functionality as premium service

Responsive HTML Email Creation Just Takes Too Long - Not any more!

There are numerous web, desktop and mobile email clients on the market. All used on thousands of different configurations and operating systems. Unfortunately there is no unified “email reader” out there, so you have to deal with all these different variations.

But you don’t have to waste your time on tiresome email optimization and testing any more! EDMdesigner can help you create responsive email templates in minutes, without any hassle.


  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • No HTML coding
  • No more tiresome email testing
  • Saves time and money
  • Inbuilt email template library
  • Responsive emails increase CTR and ROI

We make emails enjoyable on all devices!

Majority of people read emails on their mobile phones and tablets, but still most HTML emails are only readable on big screens and look ugly on smaller screen sizes.

Our mission is to make emails responsive and easily readable on all devices. We think that no one should be annoyed by broken and hardly readable emails any more.

Compatiblity on all kind of viewports, and devices. We support more than 90% of all desktop, mobile and web email clients and all sorts of other email readers
Mobile friendly emails lag behind websites

Responsive Emails Badly Lag Behind Websites

August 26, 2015

Mobility is hardly a revolution anymore – any online marketer knows the trends for years, mobile users have already surpassed desktop users in numbers and brands had a tremendous amount of time to get themselves up-to-date. This is why data showing that nearly half of them still use desktop-centric designs is so baffling.

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How should you craft your email CTA

How Should You Craft Your Email CTA?

August 19, 2015

Last week we wrote about how to position the CTA in your marketing emails, but not about the numerous other factors that can influence your conversion rate. In this article we will have a look at how you should create your CTAs in order to achieve better results.

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Guide to Effective Call-To-Action Placement in Email 2

Guide to Effective Call-To-Action Placement in Email

August 12, 2015

The purpose of your email is to get the recipient to do something – whether purchasing a product, subscribing to a service or reading an article. You have to get them out of their mailbox and attract them to your site. In order to do that, you must include call to actions in the mail. But how?

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Our goal is to become the no. 1 email editor on the globe by integrating EDMdesigner into thousands of different systems. This is the reason why we built a super flexible email editor API and optimized for white-label integration.
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